Flip Screen Cameras For Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most profitable hobbies these days. This industry is getting bigger each day. Success being a vlogger primarily depends on the quality of equipment one uses for producing videos. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the camera.

A good vlogging camera allows for creation of outstanding videos for an audience.

With the explosive variety of different cameras in the market nowadays, it can be challenging to choose the best camera. In fact, without the right knowledge on choosing a camera, it will be nearly impossible to know what cameras are best suited for vloggers.

So what are some of the important features one should consider when shopping for a vlogging camera? Luckily for you we’ve made our list of features to consider in one of these cameras based on the best flip screen vlogging camera buyer guide we found.

Low-light performance

This is one of the most important features to consider when looking for a vlog camera. Sometimes it may become difficult to control lighting and for one to capture high quality videos, they must have a good performance camera in low light. A low light performance vlog camera will not only be ideal for indoor recording, it will also prove handy when recording at night and in foggy days. A camera without good performance in low light, reduces its frames per second and will show image noise.

Lens aperture

The lens aperture is another important consideration, and a good quality lens should have a wide aperture so as to capture more light. Moreover, a wide aperture improves the aesthetics of vlogs since the user is able to achieve the blurred background effect with wide aperture.

Sensor size

It’s important to consider sensor size when shopping for a great vlogging camera. A larger sensor can capture more light.

Optical image stabilization

Since it involves a lot of movement and activities that can affect the quality of videos, it’s important for a vlogger to have a camera that supports optical image stabilization. This feature really improves shaky videos, and provides clearer images.

Image Quality

The best camera should have full HD recording capabilities. The camera should go at least up to 1080p. This feature makes a vlog look professional.

Built-In Microphone

An ideal camera for creating a vlog should have a built-in microphone input. Such a camera allows for high quality voice recording. The best vlogging camera should have a front-facing microphone, to allow the user project directly at the device for better overall sound quality. Additionally, one can achieve better sound quality with an external recorder or a USB microphone.

Flip screen

Having a flip screen obviously is a huge plus for a vlog camera when it comes to recording oneself.


Wi-Fi is an important feature to look out for in a vlog camera. Vlogging entails uploading a lot of videos and its essential to have a camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi for purposes of uploading videos to YouTube.


Choose a camera with high performance type audio recording.


A tripod helps the user to set their vlog camera in a steady position while recording to minimize movement or shaking that can ruin video quality.

A good vlogging camera offers the best versatility when it comes to capturing both photos and video.

Before going out to shop for a camera, it’s important to go through the above- mentioned essentials for a stress free selection experience.