Flip Screen Cameras For Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most profitable hobbies these days. This industry is getting bigger each day. Success being a vlogger primarily depends on the quality of equipment one uses for producing videos. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the camera.

A good vlogging camera allows for creation of outstanding videos for an audience.

With the explosive variety of different cameras in the market nowadays, it can be challenging to choose the best camera. In fact, without the right knowledge on choosing a camera, it will be nearly impossible to know what cameras are best suited for vloggers.

So what are some of the important features one should consider when shopping for a vlogging camera? Luckily for you we’ve made our list of features to consider in one of these cameras based on the best flip screen vlogging camera buyer guide we found.

Low-light performance

This is one of the most important features to consider when looking for a vlog camera. Sometimes it may become difficult to control lighting and for one to capture high quality videos, they must have a good performance camera in low light. A low light performance vlog camera will not only be ideal for indoor recording, it will also prove handy when recording at night and in foggy days. A camera without good performance in low light, reduces its frames per second and will show image noise.

Lens aperture

The lens aperture is another important consideration, and a good quality lens should have a wide aperture so as to capture more light. Moreover, a wide aperture improves the aesthetics of vlogs since the user is able to achieve the blurred background effect with wide aperture.

Sensor size

It’s important to consider sensor size when shopping for a great vlogging camera. A larger sensor can capture more light.

Optical image stabilization

Since it involves a lot of movement and activities that can affect the quality of videos, it’s important for a vlogger to have a camera that supports optical image stabilization. This feature really improves shaky videos, and provides clearer images.

Image Quality

The best camera should have full HD recording capabilities. The camera should go at least up to 1080p. This feature makes a vlog look professional.

Built-In Microphone

An ideal camera for creating a vlog should have a built-in microphone input. Such a camera allows for high quality voice recording. The best vlogging camera should have a front-facing microphone, to allow the user project directly at the device for better overall sound quality. Additionally, one can achieve better sound quality with an external recorder or a USB microphone.

Flip screen

Having a flip screen obviously is a huge plus for a vlog camera when it comes to recording oneself.


Wi-Fi is an important feature to look out for in a vlog camera. Vlogging entails uploading a lot of videos and its essential to have a camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi for purposes of uploading videos to YouTube.


Choose a camera with high performance type audio recording.


A tripod helps the user to set their vlog camera in a steady position while recording to minimize movement or shaking that can ruin video quality.

A good vlogging camera offers the best versatility when it comes to capturing both photos and video.

Before going out to shop for a camera, it’s important to go through the above- mentioned essentials for a stress free selection experience.

Volleyball as an Official Olympic Sport

Played as part of the American Sports Demonstration Event, the historic track of Olympic volleyball dates back to the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics. After the founding of FIVB in 1945 and creation of other continental Federations, volleyball was officially announced as an Olympic sport. A special tournament was organized by the International Olympic Committee in 1957 where its success has included volleyball in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Japan as a competing sport.


The early tournament for volleyball involves a round-robin system where all participating nations played against each other. The medal winners were then based on number of wins, set average and point average. The disadvantage of this kind of ranking system is that the medal winners could be determined before the end of the tournament. In effect, the thrill of the tournament was lost and audience were no longer interested to watch the games.

In the 1972 Olympics held in Germany, the ranking system was modified to cope up with the declining situation of the sport and to gain audience interest once and for all. This modification includes the addition of an elimination round which further includes quarterfinals, semifinals and the final round where only the best team meet to grab a chance of the Olympic medal. Since then, the number of teams participating in Olympic volleyball has started to grow and once again volleyball has regained its popularity.

As far as Olympic medals is concerned, the former Soviet Union has won the men’s gold medal in 1964, 1968 and 1980 Olympic games. Japan, after winning the bronze in 1964 and silver in 1968, got the men’s gold medal in 1972 while the women’s gold went to them 1964 and 1976. Poland got the gold for men’s volleyball in 1976 after a tight 5-set match against the Soviets. Poland’s win was attributed to the introduction of the back-row attack as a new offensive skill. The United States only got their first gold medal in men’s volleyball after the former Soviet Union boycott the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Led by Karch Kiraly and Steve Timmons, the United States was able to secure its second gold medal during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. China’s women’s volleyball also got the gold in 1984 and 2008. In the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona in Spain, Brazil was considered underrated, yet it was able to defeat Italy in the finals earning their first Olympic gold in men’s volleyball which was followed by another gold medal in the 2004 games held in the very birthplace of the Olympics. Winning their first ever gold medal, not just in the sport of volleyball but in the Olympics in general, Serbia and Montenegro beat Russia in an upset match.

As the next Olympic in 2020 to be held in Japan, Olympic volleyball will be as popular as ever with participating nations preparing to become a stronger team and this only means one thing: intense volleyball action. So, who’s your bet on the next Olympic?

If this has intrigued you to play volleyball, then I suggest you get a pair of the best shoes for volleyball to start with.

Best Free Apps to Watch Movies on iOS

Apple is known for their sleek devices and user-friendly interface that anyone will be able to take advantage of. They’ve got the best cameras, apps to improve your lifestyle, as well as the App Store that has all the stuff you need in order to improve your lifestyle! Plus, you can get entertained as well with the many movie streaming apps available to download. But the question is: What is the best app to download if you want to begin streaming movies online? There are tons you are able to find, but some of them may not be able to give you what you need! So instead of wasting time and effort going through the various apps, we show you the best free apps to watch movies on iOS.

Best Free Apps to Watch Movies on iOS

Apple holds tons of apps, thousands actually! So for those who are looking for a great app to watch movies online, then you can easily download these and have no trouble using it:

  1. Bobby

This is an app exclusive to Apple users. It’s a popular one because of its very user-friendly interface and huge collection of shows. They have an attractive design and you are able to watch all you want for free. But take note that they do have commercial ads when watching just to support the free app.

  1. Newest Movies HD

For those who focus on movies alone, then Newest Movies HD is the one for you. They’ve got a simple interface and design that has anyone understanding what they need to do to use it. Plus, they have all the latest and oldest movies. They also focus on cartoon shows for younger children and kids at heart.

  1. moviebox

Moviebox for iPhone is known as one of the most popular apps for streaming movies not only for iOS, but for other devices as well. It’s compatible with all smartphones and PCs, may you be using a laptop, desktop, Android, Windows, Linux or Apple! A perk is that you are able to choose the settings you want to watch your movie in, choosing the quality you want to watch it in (Depending on your Internet connection). You can even save it for later and download it for offline watching. Another perk is that it requires no registration whatsoever. Download the app and use begin streaming your favorite videos!

  1. Popcornflix

This also focuses on all the movies you want. They have a huge collection of movies you can have access to for free, and you can easily sort it by genre to make things easier when looking for particular themed movies to watch. Plus, you don’t need to register or sign up! All you need to do is to download the app and you’ll be able to start using it immediately.

In Conclusion

Watching movies on your Apple device has never been easier with these useful apps! They each have their own unique features you can take advantage of, and the best part is that it’s completely free of charge! Instead of having to waste your money on subscriptions or wasting time searching for the perfect app to stream movies, you can easily do so through checking these apps out and choosing the one that has the features you both want and need. You can either find these apps on the App Store, or you can also download Megabox Box App into your mobile device with vShare or Zestia. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free apps for streaming movies today and have a great time watching your favorite shows with your loved ones!

Dash Cams

The footage from your dashboard camera is an important piece of evidence when it comes to accidents that you were unfortunate enough to suffer. The same dashboard camera can also help you in case of mishaps that take place when your vehicle is peacefully parked, either in your garage or in a public parking. To achieve that, you basically set up your camera to work all the time. You can hardwire it to the power supply so that it keeps receiving the power even when the ignition is turned off.

However, the storage capacity of the dash cam is rather limited and it cannot record everything that happens for many hours while your vehicle is parked. The common dash cam is designed run in a loop so that it keeps overwriting the oldest data with the latest one. While driving, the driver knows the important events which need to be saved and not overwritten and can manually ensure that. However, during the night, the camera has to decide by itself about which data is to be saved so that important information is not lost because it was overwritten by something else.

Generally, two types of footage is deemed important by the dashboard camera: the footage which shows some movement and the footage that shows an impact on the vehicle. When there is a significant impact, which obviously means your vehicle is being hit by something (probably by a novice driver trying to back up his car in the public parking lot), a signal called the G-sensor is activated and the footage around the impact is saved automatically by the camera. The G-sensor measures the acceleration (which is zero when your car is parked). When the car receives a sudden jerk, it monetarily accelerates, thus activating the sensor.

Similarly, the motion sensor gets activated as soon as some motion is detected by the camera. These sensors are the same as those in your home security systems and work on similar principles. An important question that can be asked here is why we must keep the camera on constant recording mode when all we need to do is start recording as soon as the sensor is activated? This is because the camera takes a few seconds to get activated and even if that was not the case, we would ideally need footage from a few moments before the g or motion sensor got activated.

Also, you do not want your dash cam to completely drain your car battery. This becomes a problem if the vehicle is parked for more than 2 days. To avoid this, look at the best dash cam uk site as it shows a list of cameras with this auto switch off feature. This feature will shut down your camera as soon as the voltage of your car battery starts going below a pre-defined limit.

Perhaps the final piece of technology required is night vision. Most cameras achieve it through infra-red technology: the camera emits infra-red radiation – which is invisible to the human eye – and then forms ten image based on the light that is reflected back from objects.